A cock cage is a BDSM sex device that surrounds either just the penis or both the penis and testicles to enforce male chastity. Usually made from stainless steel, they prevent the penis from becoming erect so that the wearer cannot engage in any sexual activities such as intercourse and masturbation. They can appear as a transparent plastic container that encloses the penis while the stainless steel one would be tightly wrapped around the penis and the testicles, sometimes even crushing it. There is also a very painful version called Kali’s teeth. Simply put, this type of sex device is a cock collar with spikes on the inside. While the user wears it, he would not feel any pain from the spikes. But once the cock becomes erect or hardens, the spikes penetrate the penis making it very painful for the wearer. It’s the favorite sex device that allows the other party, usually a woman, to tease the man wearing the cage/collar by stroking or caressing the penis until it become erect to feel the pain of the spikes.

steel cock cage

The origin of the cock cage goes back to the 18th century. At that time, it was considered a mental disorder for men to masturbate. To strictly enforce this, they were created and classified as a medical device to prevent men, especially the young ones, to engage in self-gratification. It wasn’t until after the 1930’s that masturbation was deemed not a disorder but a natural sexual activity which led to a lot of patents for several cages going into the U.S. Patent Office. Currently, they are also known as chastity belts for men. They are mostly used for amusement and sexual pleasures and that there are several kinds of rings available at most sex toy shops.

They have several uses from the useful and practical ones to the unusual and kinky types. Those who have premature ejaculation problems or has the tendency to masturbate too much may opt to use one until the problem has been resolved. There are instances where men use a cock ring to remain faithful and committed to his partner and not succumb to the temptation of cheating. Couples can really spice up their sex lives by having the man wear a one while his partner teases him to the point of giving him blue balls with the goal of heightening his arousal once the sex device is taken off. Of course, they are actually a sex toy for those who wish to take their sex drive to the extreme. They are often used for BDSM or role playing where men are usually humiliated or emasculated by their partners while wearing a cage wherein the men are placed in several unusual sex positions or even ruins his orgasms. CBT or cock and bull torture is sexual fetish game that also uses a cock a ring but this time with spikes to cause extreme pain to the penis and balls. Swingers or couples who are into sharing partners can also use this sex device wherein the husband wears it as an added element to the sex activity while his partner is being satisfied by another man.

To sum it up, a cock cage is also known as a male chastity device where the object is to disallow the cock to become erect or aroused. It is normally used in several sex fetish games like bondages, sadomasochisms, slave sex and CBT. It can also help men limit the number of times he would masturbate as well as prevent sex problems like premature ejaculation.

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